‘I always get fed’: Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s son backs up his dad in Mourinho spat


The son of the Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjær, has weighed in on his father’s spat with Tottenham’s José Mourinho after the Norwegian coach said he would not feed his son if he simulated an injury.

The row erupted following the 3-1 win in the Premier League for United on Sunday when Solskjaer Sr criticised the Spurs forward Son Heung-min for exaggerating a blow to the face.

United had a goal disallowed after Son appeared to be struck by Scott McTominay in the build-up, with Solskjær saying afterwards that if his son, who plays for Kristiansund in his native Norway, went down the way Son did he would not feed him.

That prompted an angry response from Mourinho, who said Son’s dad was a better father than Solskjær, but Noah came to his father’s defence in Tidens Krav, a local newspaper in Kristiansund.

“I always get fed, I can assure you of that,” the 20-year-old midfielder told the paper with a smile, adding his Norwegian teammates had teased him over the incident when he arrived for training on Monday, asking if he had had breakfast.

“I have never lain down the way Son did. Mourinho probably just wanted to take the focus away from the fact they had lost.”