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WageWorks - Instructions for $75 or less
Step 1 - Get a Clipper Card and register it

Before you can place your transit order request with WageWorks, you will need to get a Clipper Card. Going forward, your transit passes will be loaded on your Clipper Card. There are multiple ways you can get a card:

  • In person pickup at Walgreens or any of the following retail locations:

    Note: If you pick up your Clipper Card, you need to register your new Clipper Card directly with Clipper, by either calling Clipper Customer Service (877.878.8883) or online

  • Delivered to your home (takes 5 - 7 business days) by ordering online at or by calling Clipper Customer Service (877.878.8883)

Step 2 - Cancel Clipper orders

If you just bought your Clipper card and haven't used it yet, skip this step.

Before you place a transit order through WageWorks, you will need to cancel all transit orders in your Clipper account that you wish to order through WageWorks. If, for example, you have an order for a monthly SamTrans pass in your Clipper account, and you try to also order a monthly SamTrans pass in WageWorks, your order in WageWorks will not go through and you will not receive the County's $75 transit subsidy.

It is OK to set your Clipper card account to automatically load funds when your balance gets low. However, it is NOT OK to have the same transit order in Clipper as you do in WageWorks. Your Clipper order will always override your WageWorks order, and then you will not receive the subsidy.

Step 3 - Enroll with WageWorks

Complete your WageWorks account setup, either by phone or online. Have your employee ID, credit card, and Clipper card number ready.
  • By Phone: 1-877-924-3967
    Give the WageWorks Customer Service Representative the last four digits of your County employee ID so they can lookup your account.
  • Online:
    Select "Log In/Register" and then "Employee Registration". Follow the 7-step instructions outlined below.
      • Enter you birthday info, including the /.
      • Enter your home zipcode.
      • Use the last four digits of your employee ID number for the ID Code.
      Please read through the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. You must check the box in order to be allowed to continue.
    4. ENTER/VERIFY REIMBURSEMENT METHOD  (Skip this step by clicking NEXT)
      You must select how you would like WageWorks to communicate essential information to you. You may not opt-out of communications related to a processed claim, an issued payment, or enrollment/deadline notices. You may elect to receive these communications via email, phone (as a text message), or mail (please consider the environment before selecting this option).

      Check the boxes in Confirm Preferences. Save Changes.



Employees are responsible to keep their credit card information up to date in the WageWorks system. Orders cannot be fulfilled and future pending orders will be canceled if the credit card information is not correct, or sufficient funds are not available.

Credit/debit cards will be charged after the order placement deadline, on the 10th of the month.

Step 4 - Order your transit pass
  1. Login to your account on with your WageWorks user name and password.
  2. Click on "Enroll in Commuter"
  3. Select "Transit"
  4. Select your preferred transit provider. If you want to order E-cash, select Clipper.
  5. Select the product you need
  6. Enter your Clipper card number. It is the 10 digit number on the bottom left corner of the back of the card. "Frequency" indicates how often you would like to place this order.
  7. Confirm your contact information by checking the box at the bottom of the page.
  8. Notice that the $75.00 subsidy has been applied in the upper right corner, and that you only owe the balance, which will be drawn from the credit card that you enter. Click on Credit. Enter your credit card information and save.
  9. Confirm your order and click SUBMIT ORDER.


Your transit order will be transferred to your Clipper account by the 1st of the next benefit month, not immediately after completing your order.

Once your transit order has loaded to your Clipper account, you need to tag your card at any Clipper card reader. Only when you tag the card will your funds download to your card. Check the following link for details.

If you are ordering a Caltrain pass, you must have a minimum of $1.25 in Clipper E-cash on your card in order for the transit order to load. Click here for information on clipper card load problems.

You will receive an email confirmation. The information provided in the email is specific to your order, but also provides general pre-tax limit information. Since the County program is not combined with a payroll deduction, please disregard any references to pre-tax limits and payroll deductions. Your payroll deduction is calculated as zero and the County's $75 subsidy is offered in lieu of the pre-tax limit under this program.