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Emergency Ride Home
Worried about missing your ride home, have a sick child, or working late? We assist Commute Alternatives Program (CAP) participants with an Emergency Ride Home on a day they require travel assistance due to workday emergencies. This benefit is available to CAP program participants only. So whether it's for an illness, family crisis, or unscheduled supervisor-approved overtime, a free taxi will get you home!

Emergency Ride Home Program Eligibility
  • You can take a taxi
  • You can check out a county car from our Redwood City County Government Center Motor Pool Shop. Call (650) 363-4036.
  • We can give your co-worker a monetary reimbursement of $20 to take you home.
  • We can reimburse you for any public transit ticket, should you prefer to use public transit to get home.

You may use the Emergency Ride Home program for:
  • Sudden illnesses of self or immediate family members or carpool partner.
  • Personal or family emergency.
  • Eldercare or daycare emergency.
  • Transit vehicle breakdown or no-show.
  • Theft of bicycle, bad weather (for walkers / bicyclists).
  • Supervisor-approved, unscheduled overtime.
  • Unexpected early departure of rideshare partner.

Your Emergency Ride Home program MAY NOT BE USED for:
  • Personal errands.
  • Any rides TO work.
  • Job related injuries.
  • Pre-planned medical or dental appointments.
  • Business-related travel.
  • Pre-arranged overtime.
  • Non-emergency side trips on the way home.
  When you are approved to participate in the Emergency Ride Home program, you will be issued a taxi voucher to use in an emergency. Each Emergency Ride Home voucher is negotiable for one free taxi ride.

Who is eligible?
County employees who receive Emergency Ride Home Vouchers must be registered with our program and currently using one of the commute alternatives we offer such as: carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, biking or walking.

Employees are eligible to use the Emergency Ride Home program as long as they have obtained a voucher (in advance) and used a commute alternative on the day the Emergency Ride Home voucher is needed.

Using Emergency Ride Home benefits
You may call a cab to arrange a ride to your destination, or to the nearest transit station. Try these cab providers:
Northern San Mateo County
  • Serra Yellow Cab - 650-991-2345 or
  • Peninsula Yellow Cab Co - 650-588-2131
Central San Mateo County and Coastside
  • San Mateo/Burlingame Yellow Cab -
  • Nafis Town Car Service - 650-372-0609
Southern San Mateo County
  • Yellow Cab Co. Peninsula - 650-254-1234
  • Yellow Cab Bay City - 650-669-0101

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For more information, call the Peninsula Traffic Congestion Relief Alliance
(650) 588-8170