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Commuting alone may afford you the freedom to command the open highway like a lone ranger. But that freedom turns to frustration when you're surrounded by stop-and-go traffic. Carpooling affords you a bit of that freedom-on the carpool lane. Carpooling is when two or more people share a ride to or from work. Participants may take turns driving their own cars, or a single driver may make all the trips.

The San Mateo County Commute Alternative Program is offering a monthly $20 subsidy to county employees who carpool from home to work a minimum of eight (8) days per month.

Cross-Transit Mode Commutes
An employee may participate in the transit, carpooling, bike, walking or vanpooling programs, but will only qualify for one program subsidy at a time.

Don't have a carpool partner? Get a customized match-list of commuters who travel along your commute route. CAP works alongside Ridematch Service to assist commuters traveling into or out of San Mateo County.

Carpool-Only Parking Space (Redwood City County Government Only)
San Mateo County Government Center carpoolers who carpool on a daily basis with at least one other County employee who is also commuting to the Redwood City County Government Center for the majority of the trip distance will be eligible for a reserved carpool-only parking space.

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