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Bike / Walk
For hundreds of commuters, particularly those who live within 5-10 miles of their workplace, bicycling can be an excellent, healthful commute option - especially during the upcoming warmer months of spring and summer. Walking and biking are considered the easiest way to get more physical exercise into your day and are the lowest cost of commute options.

County employees who choose to bike or walk to work at least eight (8) days per month can request a $20 per month subsidy.

Cross-Transit Mode Commutes
An employee may participate in the transit, carpooling, bike, walking or vanpooling programs, but will only qualify for one program subsidy at a time.

Did You Know?
Walking to work decreases your chance of getting breast cancer by 20 percent, heart disease by 20 percent, and diabetes by 50 percent. (Nurse's Health Study, Archives of Internal Medicine; New England Journal of Medicine).

The Centers for Disease Control found that obesity is linked to the nation's number one killer-heart disease-as well as diabetes and other chronic conditions. The report states that one reason for Americans' sedentary lifestyle is that "walking and cycling have been replaced by automobile travel for all but the shortest distances".

Bike Locker
The San Mateo County Commute Alternatives Program has an added incentive for those who are interested in renting bike lockers.

Lockers are located in the following location:
  • Central Courts, 800 N. Humboldt St., San Mateo
  • County Office Bldg., 455 County Center, Redwood City
  • County Parking Structure, 400 Middlefield Road, Redwood City
  • East Palo Alto Municipal Bldg., 2415 University Ave., East Palo Alto
  • Forensics Lab, 50 Tower Road, San Mateo
  • Human Services Agency, 400/450 Harbor Blvd., Belmont
  • Human Services Agency, 2500 Middlefield Road, Redwood City
  • Hillcrest Facility, 21 Tower Road, San Mateo
  • North Courts, 1050 Mission Road, So. San Francisco
  • Probation, 1024 Mission Road, So. San Francisco
  • Youth Service Center, 222 Paul Scannell Dr., San Mateo

San Mateo Health Systems Bike Lockers
San Mateo Health Systems bike locker requests: Contact San Mateo Medical Center Security Department at (650) 573-3561.

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